Dungeons & Dragons campaign website for Andrissar 719.

It’s the year 719 in Andrissar and Queen Ainverra rules from her seat in Aintun.

Five years prior, the realm faced an attack from Ourbheris, the nation across the eastern sea. Armed forces of three Lords repelled the attack, with Jerall Korliss of Velion assuming leadership of Andrissar’s main army afterward.

Andrissar’s western border is guarded by the orc and half-orc warrior clans of Kradok, supervised by the skillful warrior, Kherria Rievnareous.

The Queen
Painting of a queen in front of her castle, wearing armor (from https://www.deviantart.com/white70ws)

An alliance of merchants employs a mercenary army to secure the northern border. The alliance is headed up by the Merchant Prince of Seene, Yorek Salandas.

Recently, ogres and worse creatures from the outer lands have been making their way across the border. Through some unknown trickery, they are slipping past the Kradok and rampaging through villages.

Bards sings songs about powerful dragons in abandoned dwarven mines, along with an alliance between the under-races and magical beings from another plane.