Characters in the Andrissar campaign.

The following player characters are in the game:

  • Tamen Xeriothian

    Tamen is a human sorcerer. He left his village when war came, joining the army and raising in ranks until he was an officer. After a devastating loss to a raiding party of orcs, he left the army and decided to travel the land – eventually finding a cave that helped him discover the gold dragon blood in his veins, and awakening his powers.

  • Mildin

    Mildin is a half elven bard. He is very secretive, and the group doesn't know much about him.

  • Shimmel

    Shimmel is a centaur barbarian. His rages cause random occurrences of wild magic. Though he cannot control them, he has learned how to take advantage of them.

  • Serrin Barrelring

    Serrin is a halfling scout. Not much is known about him, but he did inherit Captain Vergon's curse.

  • Septimus Morningstar

    Septimus is a human fighter/wizard. He is the seventh-born son of a lord, spending his entire life trying to stand out amongst so many siblings. Eventually, he defied his family and married a rival family's daughter, becoming a knight. However, over time, he tired of his boring life and left to study the deeper mysteries of life. He has returned home, though, after learning several of his siblings have died under mysterious causes.

  • Gaerros Davzaren

    Gaerros is a helf elven cleric of Kelemvor. As a child, a necromancer named Calvor destroyed his village and turned many of the townsfolk into his servants. He barely lived, saved by a priest of Kelemvor. The priest raised Gaerros, and taught him the holy path of the grave. Gaerros is dedicated to helping the living stay alive, making sure the dying pass peacefully, and wiping out any undead he comes across.

Some people the characters have encountered so far:

  • Qhosan Alios

    A merchant who hired the characters to protect him, kicking the campaign off. He is supposed to be in Seene, in jail, accused of trying to kill Yorek Salandas, but the part saw a vision of him cooperating with Salandas in some kind of scheme with another person, possibly named Kerria.

  • Ortella

    Qhosan's aide, who has fallen into a mysterious coma and the party is hoping to help recover. She was bound to a lamassu, and when it died her coman began. Currently with Gaerros and Arberius.

  • Arberius

    A couatl, stuck in their human form after their nemesis cast an evil spell upon them. In thanks for saving their life, Arberius is helping the party with what little magic they have left. Currently with Gaerros, keeping Ortella safe.

  • Yorek Salandas

    A merchant who has taken control of Seene. He is the head of Andrissar's Merchant Alliance, but is up to something more sinister. His special guards are more well-outfitted than those employed by the Queen, and there are more of them than a town like Seene needs. He killed Ortella's lamassu when it came after him, then had Qhosan arrested for the attempt. After that, he bullied the party and tried to arrest them. He used the Chalice of Blood to become immortal at some point, and that is where his powers seem to come from.

  • Dril Maher

    The former mayor of Seene, who is secretly working with the party to regain his town. He has let the party know that some of the leverage that Salandas has over him is a history of necromancy in his family.

  • Keyvor Dallian

    The captain of the Knot on Call, a ship the party boarded when fleeing Seene. When Captain Vergon's ship attacked the Knot on Call, Keyvor was killed in the ensuing violence and destructions.

  • Captain Vergon

    A fearsome pirate captain. The party defeated him and took his ship, but Serrin also took on his curse: He can never leave the ship and must sail Andrissar's waters, terrorizing ships and pillaging them.

  • Tikki

    Tikki is one of Andrissar's original Gods, a trickster, who frequently appears as a felt mouse with a red hat and a bell. His demiplane is a teahouse with over 200 types of tea and three very specific food items on its menu, which would seem to indicate his character.

  • N'Della

    A friend from Shimmel's childhood, who is now a priest at the temple of Tempus in Kerrab.

  • Podrick

    The High Priest of Tempus at the temple in Kerrab, currently accompanying the party to Seene in hopes of saving Ortella.

Former party members:

  • Tremundo

    Tremundo is a human paladin/bard. He was incredibly confident in himself, so much so that he found a higher calling and departed the group to pursue it.