Information about previous campaigns set in Andrissar over the years.


Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition

Twenty years prior to the first adventure, a huge armada from the outer lands invaded Andrissar and though the realm ultimately won, the resulting shifts of political power afterward caused over a decade of war.

After some time a renowned paladin helped the forces of Korlind wrangle the disparate groups back together. Once peace was reestablished and the dissenting lands brought back into the fold, the warrior disappeared – though tales of him were still being told years later.

At the start of the campaign, a group of rebels in Tebarr were on the verge of overthrowing its government. The party was dispatched to help but were not successful. As a result, they decided to track down the hero.

During their travels, the party managed to garner the ire of an Illithid named Coraxes, who killed their leader. They got away from the Illithid eventually, but it swore that it would get its revenge one day.

When they tracked down the warrior, they were surprised to learn he was a minotaur, cursed by his god as eternal penance for an unfathomable sin. With the paladin’s help, the party quelled the rebellion.

Painting of a minotaur paladin wielding an axe (image from Dark Age of Camelot)


Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition

With unrest brewing in the various realms of Andrissar, the party started the campaign by witnessing their village being sacked – by the same raiders who killed their families. They made their way to the capital city of Zellas and joined its army so they could train to fight the raiders.

After establishing themselves in Zellas, the party was present for a ceremony that ended with a successful assassination attempt on Lord Zellas. Following the assassin’s trail lead them to an underground lair with unexpected answers.

The party learned that the assassination was ordered by an ancient shadow dragon, Zarvarax Drazire, who had been freed after more than seven-hundred years of imprisonment in another dimension. Drazire’s plan was to cause another political upheaval and seize control of Andrissar before attacking the other realms.

Shadow Dragon
A shadow dragon (from


Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Edition

After time, the Council of Five’s power began to wane – along with magic and fantastic creatures. The party unknowingly helped the ruler of Dariel wipe out a village of magic-users, but were able to save the life of a child. From her, they learned that her people were followers of an ancient god, trying to keep magic alive.

In trying to expose the ruler of Dariel, the party found that a different ancient god had manifested as a priest on Andrissar and was looking to wipe out all opposing forms of magic. The party was captured by the priest and thrown into his dungeons, where they met a paladin, cursed by his god to live as a minotaur.

With the minotaur’s help, the party located a strange portal guarded by an old man. Stepping through the portal, they found themselves in the future – devoid of magic and all non-humans. In the strange dungeon, they freed a man from their time who’d also ventured through, and then were attacked by humans with fearsome weapons.

Barely escaping with their lives, the party returned to 1824 with the man from the portal, only to find the minotaur went to face the priest. Arriving as the paladin overpowered the priest, the group were witness to a curious sequence of events: Both the priest and the minotaur recognized the man from the portal, the man made a last-ditch attack on the party, and the minotaur threw himself in the way of that attack. The party watched as the dying minotaur addressed the man from the portal: “I have finally atoned for my ultimate mistake.”

Mind Flayer
Painting of an Illithid creating a ball of psychic energy (from

Upon passing, the minotaur changed back into a human. And then the priest transformed into the Illithid, Coraxes. The party wasn't aware, but they were all distant descendants of the 1145 party, and had to face the Illithid’s revenge. They defeated it, though, and barely escaped the collapse of the Illithid’s lair.